Friday, January 25, 2008


classroom drawing

progress: choi minsik portrait sketch


DaveHan said...

oooooolllllldbooooooooyyyyyyyyyy....sweet! this drawing is really intense, and captures his fiery, homeless, kick ass bum personality quite nicely. i like! and the loozkma picture is also fun to look at. those spider things kinda remind me of those things from minority report. cool stuff XD

Gingashi said...

yay I'm so happy to see an update dude. Cool works here. Loozkma pic is nice and intricate~! and mr.oldboy is really well done. Dave really summed it up the best with his description, that look is just so right on with the sharp and strong emotion emitting from it. I look forward to the painted version (but also love this sketch version too... I like that his hair is not filled in)