Monday, March 3, 2008

hedgehog's dilemma

so basically, realizing all this during second year has helped me grow as someone who practices the arts. i do think i've gotten a lot better at image making from the beginning of the year [does anyone remember stuff i drew freshman year?] i hope to continue, improve, and make things that i can be 100% proud of, with no regrets or second thoughts. the images above are just photos of stuff from my sketchbook, since i kind of made it my unwritten rule to not post anything without images.

"plant a little poison in her head."


James Pak said...

I like the sketch of the two hands forming a turnip. If they work together, people with different color paint on their hands can all have turnips.

dae lee said...

i concur fully. the turnip that resides in each and every one of us is humanities last true hope.

sara.hlebain said...

you're such a softie! =)
i'm really happy for youu!

although.. i hope you never get a chance to plant poison in my head.... HAHAHAHA

Bora said...

Barbarian >:E

John Solis said...

haha i love the chucks

Gingashi said...

I really like your new sketchbook and the works inside. Unfortunately I was so ADD-like at the retreat I didn't get to comment one by one which I like to do... but internally I had a lot to say and was very impressed with these works... I may sound stupid for saying this but it's good to see your "fine arts/illustration class" like work since I am more familiar with your "anime" work... I intend no offense since everything can blend and go one way or another- I dislike labeling things myself. But yeah- I think you know what I mean. :P

Seeing that side lets me see a more complete picture of you and your work and I like what I'm seeing!

It makes me really want to use more art materials and less digital again. I miss... pencil... paper... paint.

Gingashi said...

p.s.- didn't get to comment on all those posts of yours- so I just back tracked and left a few. :)

Joe Karg said...

THere is something so so different about your NY folks that I just love. You can almost smell the city through your work.

Great stuff,