Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Mouchette: finished.


James Pak said...

I was staring at that middle bumper car for 3 hours straight when it hit me. I AM THAT BUMPER CAR.

Yura Kim said...

Mmm so this was the nerve racking assignment you were doing.
I like it a lot. :D

mmm What materials did you use? (pencil and paper an obvious XD)

Bora said...

yaaaay nice job :D
I already gave my finished one away XD i didn't like it much... my mom picked me up and we went to her karaoke place and ate and ahjeushi wanted the painting so i gave it to him XD my mom knew him xD hahaha

DaveHan said...

awesome blossom. indiana jones. saucesome.

Gingashi said...

great job man. It's so awesome to see the progression. I love the solid colors of the central car against the blue surrounding cars, and the girl is really well done.

i love this one!