Saturday, April 25, 2009

"fight your rival!"

those of you who played street fighter alpha know the character kasaguno sakura. inspired by a world champion fighter, she pursues to be just like him. she knows all of his trademark skills by heart and emulates them as best she can in hopes to achieve her dream of becoming a champion herself. of all the characters in street fighter, her goals are the most relatable. we're not the most talented, and we have someone we look up to and aspire to be.

but let's be honest. chances are, she'll never be able to match the fighter she is aspiring to be. much like myself. players even realize she's little more than the token schoolgirl character of the cast and will never be taken seriously. it's ok though, i believe in you.

i make fan art maybe once a year. i sometimes get inspired and start to make images of trademarked characters from time to time but i never really finish them. maybe it's because it's someone else's creative design and not my own. but, this late at night i decided i wanted to scribble something street fighter related.

-edit-color character
a lot of friends who are artists and avid street fighter fans had a discussion where they explained to me about how it's hard to capture the "essence" of street fighter characters in artwork, and how small things could make it lose that quality. hope i didn't screw it up too much.


Y.K. said...

Haha her raised arm looks so awkward. XD;;

But yeah good luck trying to achieve that 'essence'.
Nice new photo. hu hu hu~


I'll update... soon.


Tae said...

i like how u shrank ryu.
thats the way a man without steroids should be

dae lee said...

yea, i first drew him how he's supposed to be but he looked like a monster compared to sakura so i shrunk his muscles.

David said...

i saw a variation of this picture in the forums, its really good

Gingashi said...

i love the final color result- and with the added ryu. Just perfect man.