Monday, April 20, 2009

"you made a better paper airplane"

model was fun to draw. she was the first tall, lanky woman i had in figure drawing. it was also the first time i couldn't finish drawing in the time alotted. the result is a somewhat unsettling image, but i like that.

i made 2 purchases yesterday: the visual novel Watchmen and Regina Spektor's album Soviet Kitsch.

it's embarrassing to admit that the wide release of the film was the gateway for me getting interested in the original comic but there's a first time for everything. potent storytelling and dialogue with great images. i'm liking it a lot so far.

regina spektor is an exceptional singer, and soviet kitsch has an album cover that i actually like. she has a natural talent she utilizes in a very fulfilling and intellectual way. bittersweet, playful, melancholy, and stranger than fiction.


Y.K. said...

Regina Spektor is amazing.
Watchmen is definitely a comic book that you'd appreciate.

Unfinished model drawings are always more interesting and satisfying then finished nude drawings.

You're updating like wildfire. Dx

marimo said...

that is one skinny model.