Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the journey back to earth

sketch dump.

been learning lots from a man named John Ruggeri. i learned more just by watching him draw than any amount of explaining could do. significantly impacted my drawing knowledge and vocabulary. learning to draw things as they are, but trying something new. these places are alive.

progress: "The Little Mermaid" poster


Gingashi said...

these are awesome and it seems like a really good class to take- wish I had something like that right now. You are right, these are all very lively places. :)

Johnny Dombrowski said...

Looks awesome. I love the top two pages. How big are these?

dae lee said...

thank you sirs.
the paper is 18x24, kind of larger than i'm comfortable with but i got used to it.

Y.K. said...
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Y.K. said...

I love John's class, too bad I'm not taking him next year. :T

But yeah, it looks good~
I can see John's style is influencing your way of drawing. Huhu~