Wednesday, May 6, 2009


bought a beautiful new red sketchbook and it was luckily in my carry-on bag. drew during a flight for the first time.

i attempted to a year ago but couldn't handle drawing during turbulence and the shaking but i was somehow able to this time. drawing made the flight go by very fast.


Angela said...

Two of my favorite sketches, I've been really into this plane idea, just came back from a poetry and film show and a woman was showing beautiful imagery of people falling asleep on the plane and the way their heads knock or fall asleep atop one another. Might be a great idea for a sketch once you travel again!

Y.K. said...

It looks good.
Hurry up and get back on that plane and return.

Your linework is pretty solid considering you were drawing during turbulence. ._.;;

Phoebe Lee said...

Yay! :) You're California-bound.

Tae said...

awesome! I should do these kind of sketches more often too
I wish I had the patience to do so.

John Ryan Solis said...

these are pretty awesome dude