Friday, May 15, 2009

"G89 to window 21"

went to the DMV today to renew my state id card [again].
thought i would be there for about an hour so i brought a sketchbook.

but there were very little people there, so it cut my drawing/waiting time down to several minutes instead of a full hour.

did a lot of frantic scribbling. fast drawings sometimes end up looking nice, but usually when you don't realize how fast you're going. this time i was too self-conscious and listening for my number to be called [G89]. but some parts came out neat.


Y.K. said...

I like how awkwardly thin the lady at window 20 looks.

Looks like you have more time to update now.

It also looks like your hand is steadier and faster.

dae lee said...

yes california is full of awkwardly thin people.

and you should listen to vivaldi's the four seasons.

Angela said...

omg. this is amazing, hurry up and make a graphic novel already