Saturday, May 16, 2009

the sun is not my friend.

watched my sister's last soccer game of the season. despite the sun it was enjoyable.

she's only 10 so it's not an official league, just the AYSO (american youth soccer organization). at first i was nervous because she was among the smallest on the team.

but it was a good game today.
because she won.
and the 6 consecutive games before that, making them the best team of the season. as well as the team that scored the most total goals.
but that was predictable, it's my sister.


yuki said...

your drawings are amazing

Gingashi said...

I am really liking your latest sketches man. please keep em coming. I can get a great sense of everything you're drawing just through your continuous lines- it's beautiful and the imagry is nostalgic for me.

I hope you are doing well in cali- missing ya and NY moments already.

David Han said...

awesome drawings, keep it up
i like how you drew the holes in the goal net... haha. more drawings!

Steve said...